Never Give Up, never, never.

I failed 3 times in college. I applied 30 times to get a job but I was always rejected. When KFC came to China for the first time, we were 24 to apply and I was the only one dismissed. I wanted to go into the police but I was the only one not accepted. I applied 10 times to Harvard University in the US and I was rejected. “, Jack Ma, Creator of Alibaba, a business-to-business site built in 1999.

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My Favorite Quotes on Forgiveness.

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, nor does it mean that by forgiving you are saying that what someone did was okay. It just means that you’ve let go of the anger towards someone, or towards yourself which is the most difficult thing especially when you need to forgive your own-self but it is the wisest thing one can do. But that can be easier said than done. If forgiveness was easy, everyone would be doing it.It takes lots of courage to let go that feeling of anger and guilt and especially when you can hurt someone back but you decide to forgive them instead, only a brave soul can do it.


Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness. – Marianne Williamson

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My Favorite Quotes on Failure.

If you look at the most inspirational innovators, geniuses, and icons throughout history, they all share a common belief – they simply did not consider failure as a bad thing.
Instead, they understood that every failure faced brings you one step closer to success.


I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.― Michael Jordan

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My Favorite Articles/posts/blogs of 2014

Following is the list of websites/posts/blogs/articles that I visited in 2014 and liked them for any of various reasons like their writing-style, topic selection, topic coverage, characters in that piece etc, hope you too will like this collection and enjoy it :

General                                             __

  1. 2014 The Year In Pictures 
  2. Best Books of 2014: A Compilation
  3. 72 Years Later, Snubbed Captain Credited With Downing German U-Boat
  4. Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber (what a brave soul, a true hero. May he RIP)
  5. Iranian Fathers And The Diverse Daughters They’ve Raised Hey Wait, there is more interesting stuff related to Entertainment, Technology,Fun,Sports,Self-grooming and other categories, Continue reading…..