Websphere Commerce’s Caching mechanism.

Continuation of Websphere Commerce Questions and Answers I.

Q12:Explain the Dynacache?(I talked about it so much, so it became a very lengthy answer , had to write it a separate blog post for it,even though in blog post put just what a little bit I remember but that ‘little bit’ too is quite much Ā šŸ™‚ Ā )
Ans:CachingĀ should be implemented for the content that changes frequently or isĀ stable for a period of time or Ā contains a majority of contents that can be reused by a variety of users
Dynamic Cache aka DynaCache is provided by IBM Websphere Application server to be configured to storeĀ some objects and later based on some matching rules Dyna cache retrieve those objects from the cache.
Caching rules are specified in Cachespec.xml fileĀ present in the Stores.war.
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