You don’t Owe your Boss these five things.

People who know me, know that I am a book worm or well, book/blog/article/newspaper/anythingReadable worm 😀 … I read a lot and any topic, but for the morning read my favorites mostly include blogs and articles on professional life and grooming because no matter how experienced and seasoned professional one is, grooming and learning is necessary for the survival in fast growing world of economics and technologies.

One thing that I learnt from all the Continue reading


‘Expectation’ It is a really huge word and even heavier ‘feeling’ to carry on with.What is expectation? sit back and relax and think what does expectation mean? just think, don’t read further for a few seconds, just ask yourself how do you FEEL when you think ‘about’ expectation.yeah it is a bit boring I know because you are not actually feeling this word.Now you want to kill me for overusing this term and for making you bored.but this is actually how your mind, body and brain feel when you have expectations not only from outside world but from yourself too.

Most of the people would say expectations are real but I beg to differ, expectation is a bit overrated, unrealistic approach towards life, situations and people.sometimes it is rather that harsh negative feeling, when person themselves don’t willing to take action, when they are afraid or lazy to take steps to get results, Let me explain it further by using an example,Some days back one of my colleagues’ mother passed away, I couldn’t make it to the funeral( In fact none of our colleagues could attend the funeral), so I planned to visit her a few days later to offer condolence. When I came to office next day Continue reading