You don’t Owe your Boss these five things.

People who know me, know that I am a book worm or well, book/blog/article/newspaper/anythingReadable worm ūüėÄ … I read a lot and any topic, but for the morning read my favorites mostly include blogs and articles on professional life and grooming because no matter how experienced and seasoned professional one is, grooming and learning is necessary for the survival in fast growing world of economics and technologies.

One thing that I learnt from all the articles and blogs and that I strictly follow in my professional life is that you can be dedicated, you can be highly energetic, you can be an over-doer but you don’t owe your boss five things that neither your boss can(must) ask for nor you should(must) give. These are¬†

  1. Your Guaranteed Availability After hours, especially on no notice whatsoever! 

    No one has any right to call you after working hours and ask you to work, or even discuss work, you don’t owe your personal time to your boss or anyone from your workplace. It is neither ethical nor legal. If they really really need you, they can ask politely and humbly and it is up to you if you agree to help them or not, but remember it would be you would be doing a favor to them and you can ask anything in return like, money, leave or gift coupon etc.

  2. Your Personal Life. 

    What you do in your personal time is nobody’s business but yours. You don’t owe your boss to tell them what is your evening plan, where are you going at night, who is your friend or foe. Whether you are a gay or straight. Never explain why you can’t stay late or can’t do work¬†from home because “See Point 1” AND you don’t owe him your personal details. There are times when my boss asks me to work from home but I simply excuse without giving him any explanation. For example;Boss: Hey, Please stay late and resolve this issue.

    Me: I can’t, will do it tomorrow.
    Boss: Why is that so? It is very urgent.
    Me: Some plans, not possible tonight but don’t worry it will be first thing tomorrow.You don’t need to explain him that you are going to birthday party of your niece or you have drinks plan with your buddy.
    Learn to say NO (but politely and with smile on face :))

    Work-Life-Balance 3d

  3. Your Health 

    Most precious thing in this world for you is YOU, your health, your peace. You owe that to no¬†one especially your boss. Always remember you are not a machine, your body and your mind need rest. Speak up if you are not feeling well. If your office doesn’t allow you to take a day off or work from home when you are under weather, it’s time to update your resume and search¬†for a new job.

  4. Your Loyalty (that is earned ‚ÄĒ ¬†not owed!) 

    No one can tell you where your loyalties should lie. If your boss or company ask you to be loyal to them just because you work for them, run as much away as you can because like respect loyalty is earned not dictated. You have every right to think about and do what is right for you and your family. It is appropriate to switch your job because you get a better opportunity unless there is personal loyalty in place that has been earned from past experiences.

  5. Your Integrity 

    If your boss or your company ask you to lower your standards and morals for them, they are¬†lethal for your inner peace and mental health. If you can’t stand the person your job requires you to be, get out!

    Talk to your boss and let them know straight-forwardly (but politely) that you won’t be able to do things their way anymore and you cannot sell your soul to the devil.

    images (1)

For a successful life your; health, your happiness and your peace are integral, never compromise on them. You need to set clear, strong boundaries between your personal and professional life. If you let your boss decide where YOUR boundaries should lie, you are actually telling them that you are their SLAVE not an employee and you have NO voice in this conversation.

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