My Favorite Articles/posts/blogs of 2014

Following is the list of websites/posts/blogs/articles that I visited in 2014 and liked them for any of various reasons like their writing-style, topic selection, topic coverage, characters in that piece etc, hope you too will like this collection and enjoy it :

General                                             __

  1. 2014 The Year In Pictures 
  2. Best Books of 2014: A Compilation
  3. 72 Years Later, Snubbed Captain Credited With Downing German U-Boat
  4. Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber (what a brave soul, a true hero. May he RIP)
  5. Iranian Fathers And The Diverse Daughters They’ve Raised
  6. Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google
  7. Richest Drug Dealers Ever (PHOTOS)

Technology                                      ___

  1. What really happens when you navigate to a URL
  2. Tips for learning regular expressions

Entertainment                                 ___

  1. The 22 Best Movies Of 2014
  2. TIME Picks the Top 100 Photos of 2014
  3. 16 Documentaries To Watch Out For This Year
  4. Tatsuo Horiuchi | the 73-year old Excel spreadsheet artist (creativity and awesomeness at its peak, pure beauty)

Personal/Professional Grooming ___

  1. How to delegate to people who have too much to do already(This complete website is awesome)
  2. How to Build Good Habits (and Make Them Stick)
  3. How To Resign With Style
  4. How Successful People Stay Calm
  5. Don’t Work With Jerks: 5 Lessons I Learned From My Dad
  6. Size Doesn’t Matter: 5 Lessons I Learned From My Mom
  7. 21 Ways Rich People Think Differently(A must must read)

Sports                                                ___

  1. Manchester United hire first wheelchair bound Pakistani-British coach for able-bodied player


  1. Emma Watson: Feminism too often is seen as ‘man-hating’
  2. Of women, mountains, equality and success
  3. The Pixel Project Selection 2014: 16 Films About Violence Against Women
  4. The Trouble With Bright Girls

Funny                             __               ____

  1. 25 Countries Best Described In These Hilarious One Liners (This article is too funny, only if you can ignore a bit exaggeration and discrimination)
  2. An Honest Message From Your IT Guy(This is way tooooo hillarious)

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