A Patheticly Sad incident

In life we come to know of many funny incident, sad events, weird things happening around us, but the incident that I want to share today is super awful.

One of my acquaintances aged 18; lets call her *Elsa, used to attend Pastry and baking school couple of months ago.One day she took a public bus to her institute from home, It was her third week after admission.It was a pleasant morning, she was carrying her baking-accessories-bag having knives, spatulas and other baking stuff in it, enjoying the outside view from window.Suddenly two guys stood up from their seats, came to her and rudely asked her to tell her name and where she lived, she got nervous and afraid, not knowing their intentions she asked them why they were inquiring all this and who were they?  They said,”we know you are a terrorist and you are carrying weapons”. Upon hearing those allegations Elsa had got numbed for a few seconds.After she got back in her senses, she asked them why they were saying that? At the same time she was feeling really really embarrassed and threatened because all passengers in the bus had started looking at her like she was a bad guy.In reply, those guys did something horrible and shameful, they slapped on her face and said they had seen knives of different kinds and sizes in her bag, within a millionth part of a second she got the whole thing, shivering and crying with fear, shame and embarrassment, she mustered her courage and told them that she was studying baking at a famous institute of the city and those knives were used for that purpose only.But they didn’t listen and dragged her out of the bus and told her to come with them to police station. She protested, they didn’t listen and called a police vehicle and took her to police station.
In police station they confiscated Elsa’s bag and other belongings, and asked her to shut up and sit quietly. She begged  them to let her call her dad at least but they didn’t pay attention. After hours of mental and psychological torture and threatening when Police officers had realized that Elsa was telling the truth(which they actually had already known all the time), they asked for contact number of her parents. When she provided them, they called her dad and told him that they had arrested Elsa on terrorism charges.Her father got shocked and rushed towards police station. Their police officers threatened him that they would put terrorism charges on his daughter else he had to give them 25K(as bribe; this was the thing that they actually planned).
After having some arguments Elsa’s father agreed to give them what they wanted, for Elsa’s sake, as cops were continuously threatening both of them that they would throw her in jail.
This incident affected Elsa and her family really badly, even after 6,7 weeks she is still traumatized and not put her foot even outside her door,left her pastry school, refuses to go anywhere whenever asked.Her family does not let her go anywhere either.
Everyone who is in right state of mind have sympathy for her and, her family and friends are heartbroken, asking just one thing why all this happened to her? she is a very very nice girl why those evil b*****ds did this to her? Didn’t they have conscience? Did they have no children,family,loved ones? It was illegal to torture anyone without having any proof, why people on that bus did not come forward for her help?

*This is not a real name, only used to hide identity of the victim.


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