‘Expectation’ It is a really huge word and even heavier ‘feeling’ to carry on with.What is expectation? sit back and relax and think what does expectation mean? just think, don’t read further for a few seconds, just ask yourself how do you FEEL when you think ‘about’ expectation.yeah it is a bit boring I know because you are not actually feeling this word.Now you want to kill me for overusing this term and for making you bored.but this is actually how your mind, body and brain feel when you have expectations not only from outside world but from yourself too.

Most of the people would say expectations are real but I beg to differ, expectation is a bit overrated, unrealistic approach towards life, situations and people.sometimes it is rather that harsh negative feeling, when person themselves don’t willing to take action, when they are afraid or lazy to take steps to get results, Let me explain it further by using an example,Some days back one of my colleagues’ mother passed away, I couldn’t make it to the funeral( In fact none of our colleagues could attend the funeral), so I planned to visit her a few days later to offer condolence. When I came to office next day after visiting her. Most of my colleagues were not talking to me, they were really really upset and i didn’t know the reason, cut long story short, when I told them(out of courtesy) that I had conveyed their messages to our colleague, they all blasted saying, “why didn’t you tell us that you were going to her home?”,”we also wanted to visit her, why didn’t you mention?”,”If you had told us we would have gone with you.” and blah blah blah.Now tell me, are their actions justified? whatever they said is reasonable?, answer is NO, it is not, utterly, completely not reasonable nor justified. I had no obligation of telling them where I was going, why I was going, whom I was going to meet. Then why they all  said things like that? why they were even thinking like that? Because they ‘expect’, because they had this strongest negative feeling mixed up with their own lack of capability to take action.They had expected that whoever went to make up to our colleague for absence in funeral would announce on Loud-speaker offering everyone to come along, have ride with him/her then also drop them to their destinations on return because they lacked willingness to go visit, they didn’t have sympathy or even empathy, they just considered it an obligation, a burden on themselves or else if they really wanted to visit her, really wanted to be with her, supporting her, they all are adults, they had her address, they themselves would have gone to visit her.It is clear that they were just making lame excuses to make themselves clear in-front of our colleague; which is actually another form of expectation.Those people expected that our colleague would mind if they wouldn’t pretend that they wanted to visit her.

There are multiple perspective of above mentioned scenario, all hit same thing; expectation.All of it happened just because people have ‘Expectations’.My colleagues EXPECTED me to take them with me because they EXPECTED themselves to visit our colleague because they EXPECTED our colleague to be angry or annoyed for  not visiting her in that hard time.

And the result was, I had to put them in their places by telling them that they actually were pretending to support her, they actually had no sympathies for her.They might be great actors but they are not human-beings because they created an issue out of a non-issue in that unfortunate time.Even after that they didn’t go to see her(Now you can imagine how unwilling they were to go).

Now think, have you not done this(whatever my colleagues do; expecting some thing unfair from others) to anyone, have you? If you have, you should make an apology to them because you did unjust to them.

Never expect anything from anyone,first you don’t have any right to beat others up for anything that YOU expect(want) them to do for yourself and/or your sake.Second, because it could backfire on you 🙂

This is it for now, other posts on Expectation are on the way because my best friend who read draft of this blog post thinks one post is not enough to cover this topic, some areas are still in dark 🙂 what do you think?

All comments, suggestions are welcome.

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